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20 + years as a professional adventure tour operator

We strive to be the fun part of your vacation!

Thank you for your interest in our adventure tour services. Here’s what we are all about.

In 1998, in Los Cabos, Mexico, on the Pacific coast, we were but a small bunch of off-road excursions enthusiasts, inspired by the Baja 1000 rally race in Baja California, Mexico. We fell in love then with the growing use of the ATV’s in Los Cabos for going off-road in the desert.

We started as a small tour operator willing to share our thrilling off-road experiences with others. We use to run down on the dry bed of the San José del Cabo river.

Our adventure passion resonated with young tourist and adventure fans. Many of our clients then were cruise ship passengers. It was just a matter of time for us to move to Mexico’s cruise ship Mecca, Cozumel. 2002 was the year we moved to the island, where we found a wider world of thrilling adventures.

Since we arrived in Cozumel, we had provided our tour services to passengers of all major Cruise Lines, such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and MSC just to name a few.

We moved from the desert to the lush vegetation. We had a hit with the excursion on ATVs deep into the heart of the island’s jungle. We started at El Cedral village, a peaceful little town with a fascinating history, founded in 1848 on the remaining of an ancient Mayan site. This town became home to Wild Tours. That is why the tour actually passes by Mayan vestiges.

We launched another hit in 2004, with the first fast boat tour, speeding along Cozumel’s coast. This experience developed into our actual Thrilling Boat Experience.

In time, we also developed a tour with off-road karts, but technology goes on, and we fell in love with the cutting age technology of ROVs, an acronym for Recreational Off-road Vehicles. These powerful and exciting machines substituted our karts to explore the jungle. We offer you with state-of-the-art off-road vehicles.

Not for nothing Wild Tours has been awarded the TripAdvisor’s “Certificate of Excellence”, so far for three years in a row.

For the past 15 years, we’ve especially focused on providing tour services with that spirit of adventure we had when we started. We work to offer you great experiences, that’s why we proudly believe we strive on being the fun part of your vacation. That’s a lot of responsibility because the last thing we would want is to ruin your holiday, we know how hard you earned it, and how you deserve it. We should know.

All these years we’ve learned a lot about having fun, but we also learn to master our procedures. We are always aware of the timing as you got to go back to the ship before they call the all aboard. We learn about your preferences and also continuously improve safety. We proudly offer you a highly polished product.

You’ll get enthusiastic about our personalized service, the warmth and kindness of our staff and the content of the tour.

There are lots of Things to Do in Cozumel, but we are committed to share with you the most unforgettable, educational, cultural, safe and adventurous excursions such as; All Terrain Vehicles tours, Snorkel adventures with Sea Turtles and more all operated by the Wild Tours Staff. With the love and enthusiasm of operating Adventure tours we are happy to Add-venture to your vacation and to have you with us. We guarantee you can rely on our adventures, but above all, we are sure you will love the fun.

Feel welcomed.